Cardiac Patients

Cardiac Massage

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Our hearts beat endlessly: all day every day, all night every night. We don’t think about them until there’s a problem, but we should. This is your heart we are talking about, after all! The one that you follow, the one that you wear on your sleeve, the one that breaks or the one that you give away. How often do you use those sayings, or these phrases: that’s heartwarming, your heart is in the right place, heartfelt, wholeheartedly, crazy heart, my heart belongs to you.

Your heart is at the center of your emotional self and the center of your physical self, which is why heart trauma and cardiovascular surgery go right to the emotional center of our soul and the physical center of our body. Think about it: we don’t feel the same way about our gallbladders as we do our hearts, and we don’t regard gallbladder surgery with nearly the same weight as we regard cardiac surgery.

Massage therapy is good for the heart. If you or a loved one have experienced heart trauma, massage will reduce the anxiety and stress associated with bypass surgeries, valve replacement angioplasty, cardiac catheterization, stents, pacemakers, heart attack, angina, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, hypertension, and other ailments that affect the heart.

At SMART Integrative Massage Group, our specially trained therapists can:
Help alleviate the stress from diagnostic procedures.
Help prepare you for surgery mentally as well as physically.
Relieve muscle tension in the neck, back and shoulders.
Relieve post-procedural trauma and post-surgical discomfort.
Address swelling and edema of the chest, arms or legs.
Hasten healing of scar tissue and prevention of adhesions.
Increase blood, oxygen and lymphatic flow for tissue healing.
Bolster your body’s natural healing resources and immune system.
Reduce fatigue.
Alleviate anxiety, depression and negative emotions.
Provide a sense of well-being, positive reinforcement and reconnection to the body for a healthy recovery.

A collaborative team approach with physicians and rehabilitation therapists ensures a well-rounded, comprehensive and successful recovery. Each session is designed for the client’s current condition including special support pillows if needed. Home visits are available.